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The Beautiful Yellow Rain Tree in Sentosa Golf Course Yellow Rain Trees in Sentosa Golf Course
Our potting media is 100% organic environmentally media Our potting media are natural fermented for year through rainwater and sun

The Rain Tree (Samanea saman) is large tree native to Central America. It is proven to be excellent tree for parks and gardens in Singapore because of its majestic shape and resistance to pest.  Among the many rain trees propagated in Singapore, some were found to grow with yellow rather than green foliage.  The green pigment ( chlorophyll) is masked by a yellow one.  it seems likely that a genetic mutation is involved but the exact cause of the yellowing has yet to be identified. The yellow trees to be sterile.  The yellow rain trees have been used to majestic effect in the Landscaping in local famous park.  We are the Only Nursery in Singapore and South-East-Asia had a large number of yellow rain trees.  Welcome to our Nursery.  

When entering our farm (Maryland Nursery) is on the left hand side, the owner is called Mr Mak Chin On.
Please contact Mr Mak Chin On at (65) 90210133 for the viewing the nursery.  

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Our farm is located at the lamp_posts  65 & 66 which is just opposite side of NSRCC Kranji Sanctuary.
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